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positive solutions that you can take into your school

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- talk with your teachers if you are struggling in a classroom, if the learning environment is not working for you. 

- spark a dialogue on traditional education with your friends and family and even school leaders. Change starts with awareness and discussion. 

- ask if you would be allowed to present positive solutions to your teachers or to your principle.  

- read education news, books, or articles online and share them with your friends and family or on social media

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-use your talents to spread awareness,

- using art, photography, speeches, video editing and music.

- you can start a club, create posters to put around your school or simply just remind your friends and people around you that intelligence is so diverse and individual to each person.

- initiate discussions with your family at the dinner table 

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- combat the lack of creativity in schools by supplementing the curriculum on your own
- engage in personal creative projects 
- educate yourself through reading books or watching videos online, once you are aware of the issue it is less likely to affect you personally
- a method that will help alleviate the fear of making mistakes (that is created through summative assessments) exercises from "The Book of Surrealist Games" by Alistair Brotchie and Mel Gooding

change: Who We Are
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