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Working Towards a Better Future

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EDUCATE: we aim to educate students on the current issues within the schooling and testing system 

- we have and will continue to go into schools and educate them on the ways traditional education stunts creativity, doesn't prepare students well for the future and creates an arbitrary and toxic definition of intelligence 

- we encourage students to pass on their own knowledge on this topic onto others and ask their school leaders as many questions as possible.  

EMPOWER: we aim to join students together, recognising and using their voices to lift each other up

- where possible we encourage students to petition their schools or policymakers towards improvement 

- as students, we need to call out other students when they are making assumptions on a student's intelligence based upon a grade. We need to change the dialogue and be committed to doing so. If we expect educational systems to appreciate each person's individuality, we need to appreciate and respect each other first.

CHANGE:  we aim to create a movement that will be impactful enough to reach the attention of policymakers. 

- question the belief that intelligence can be quantified through examinations 

- question the hierarchy of subject studied (soft vs. hard skills)

- to make a change, it starts with education and empowerment 

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